My When Under Budget Pledge

December 10, 2008 at 7:12 am (emergency fund) (, , , )

Until I have my full $1000 emergency fund saved up, I will put all unspent budget directly into savings.  I think I’ll keep this pledge for any future time that I need to dip into it for a big car expense, or some other unexpected spending that I didn’t budget for (or that my budget deferred expenses for, like car maintenance).

For December, that means a lean debt payment month – I think I’ll only be able to put $200 towards my personal loan principal (much lower than I would like, but I’ve decided to make savings a priority).

Not sure yet if I’ll spend the EF on a new laptop in early 2009, or if I should save up the EF PLUS the $900 or so for the laptop. I may be trying to live frugally, but I need a more high-end computer to last me another 5 years and one that can handle 250-300 MB files in photoshop without choking! A computer is not something I will skimp on.

And to think 2 months ago I would have been amazed at the idea of both savings AND paying money towards debt! At the same time no less!


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