Cutting Expenses

November 11, 2008 at 7:25 am (Being Frugal) (, , )

How do you cut costs on a budget?

1. Don’t buy new, buy used whenever possible. This takes much longer, and the selection may be much more limited. I have been running low on everyday clothes. Rather than buy brand new t-shirts at $13-24, and needing a few more pairs of jeans ($40-60/pair), I’ve been visiting thrift stores every weekend. This lets me shop, and keeps it cheap.

Two weeks ago I spent ~$50 on 7 pairs of socks (my main goal for the day’s expedition), 1 pair of jeans, 1 tshirt, 1 polar-fleece zip up hoodie, my entire halloween costume ($12), sand ome props for a photo project. Today I spent $14.01 for 2 tshirts, a bunch of kitchen supplies including ball jars for storing bulk good, a book, and another photo project prop.

I think I’ve got enough stuff to last me, but I’ll still haunt some other stores from week to week; I have a penchant for destroying shirts by getting oil stains (that never ever come out) all over them!

I’m also starting to pay really close attention to what items cost at different stores and only get them when I’m needing a bunch of stuff from that particular store or when I’m nearby – I no longer drive somewhere just to get because I want it at that time (I think this term is called batching your trips, to save gas). My preferred pet food is $7 cheaper at Petco than at the natural pet store. Cans of food are cheaper at the natural place (and I don’t think Petco offers case discounts like the other store does). But now I know and now I know not to buy something just ’cause I’m there. I think that’s one of the biggest pitfalls for spending money when you don’t need to: not having comparison shopped and not knowing your options!


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