Emergency Spending

November 10, 2008 at 10:27 pm (spending habits) ()

Been reading debthater’s blog (starting at the beginning of course) and it’s been funny how there always seems to be some kind of emergency hurting her finance an debt payoffs. I thought I’d chronicle my own from the past few months, since I’m sure they are regular enough to significant.


So far this month:

No parking in the building, parked across the street, didn’t move it before getting up, car got towed. $237.

Brakes have been seriously needing work. Was going to do a trip, and felt it was time; brakes are NOT something you want to mess with (or not have!). Brakes & rotors: $440.

September car accident (front and back impacts, not my fault, but who cares, I still have a deductible). Beyond the impact on my well-being, $500 deductable to pay it off (which I did in October).


This has only been my first month of budgetting, but you can see the big FAT curveball I got hit with this month. I hope that’s it for car maintenance for a while. I’ll revisit this subject in future months.


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